CMS4BIZ is a Cloud based MVC CMS

CMS4BIZ is a Cloud base MVC using MVC 5 as programing language and  microsoft azure SQL as database.
It's a multi language support cms that keeps all your data & resources in cloud. The architecture of CMS4BIZ is unique because it using both azure & Amazon S3 services. It also includes some features like: integrated Paypal one-button payment which helps you to make your e-shop easier. The other unique features are: Form Builder, Content Block Designer, Built-in News and Blog module. It easily support your other APIs using powerful Razor engine in pages. When you choose CMS4BIZ for your website, it means you have paid for all this features once. You don't need to be worry about your data and content because they are by default on Microsoft Azure & Amazon servers. 

One-Off payment:
 It's one-off payment and the prices are actually affordable for business. 

And Yes, it's one of the best CMS solution for Businesses! (CMS 4 BIZ)

About the product: 
CMS4BIZ is one of the Mir Vision Pty. Ltd. products. Mir Vision Pty. Ltd. is an Australian Company based in Sydney. Mir Vision Pty Ltd is a group of online businesses running under one management. We've started the business in 2011 with a great expansion in 2014. In 2014 we have established our Sweden branch in Stockholm. 
In Mir Vision, we've focused on web based applications. We currently developed our centralised cloud CMS(Content Management System) and also our E-Commerce solution. 
Amir Madadi & Mehrdad Kianian are co-founders of Mir Vision Pty. Ltd.
Amir Madadi CMS4BIZ
Mehrdad Kianian CMS4BIZ

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