General FAQ:

CMS4BIZ is a content mangement system designed based on SAAS architecture which includes almost everything the businesses needs for their website. CMS4BIZ is a centralized CMS, it meanes we just have one core of codes and we don't copy and paste installations files for your website. So if you want to use CMS4BIZ as your website content manager, what we do is we just adding your record including your website name and users to our database and then what you need to do is changing your domain DNSs to point to our servers and done, your website is ready to use! 
CMS4BIZ includes many features that make you relax! We've designed some features and by using them you can edit your pages without having any HTML or programming language knowledge. You can easilly add videos, voices and nice blocks of already designed contents. In CMS4BIZ you don't need to be worry about backup or security because all your files and data are saving realtime. We use Google Drive and Amazon S3 as our repository and Microsoft Azure as our database, so your files and data are always safe and secure. And Yes, we did all these things for you to make you relax.
We've used MVC 5 as our programming lanuguage and Microsoft Azure as our databas and also we use Amazon S3 as our repository for our files (images and uploaded files). Our templates are made based on Bootstrap technology so our website are completely Mobile & Tablet friendly. 
We use a Cloud-Base structure for our hosting. When we create a hosting for your website, it's on the nearest servers to your country but many copies of your website will cloned in a short time on other servers. This increase safety and security so if for any reason a problem happened for a server, the other servers will replaced automatically. 

Features FAQ:

Theme Content Editor is a very handy editor to edit your Homepage content, so unlike the other CMSs which is very difiicult to change things like Sliders, by using "Theme Content Editor" you can edit you content and add or delete some blocks to your homepage. Please watch this short video to see how it works. 
"Form Builder" is another great feature introduced by CMS4BIZ. By using "Form Builder" you can design different forms like Enquiry form, Contact form, Registration form and etc. Please have a look on the following video to see how making a form is easy by using CMS4BIZ Form Builder.
Easy Page Designer is a tool introduced by CMS4BIZ enabling you to easily make your webpages. By using Easy Page Editor you can drog & drop HTML blocks to your pages and start editing them. You can also create 2 coloumns or 3 columns pages by using Easy Page Designer. Also you can add the following features by this tool:
- Google Map (Showing your address)
- Pie Chart (for showing your statistic)
- Forms
- Banners
- Youtube Videos or SoundCloud audios
Please watch the following videos to see how you can use it:
"Source Editor" is another CMS4BIZ feature that enable you to edit HTML codes of your pages so if you know HTML languauge and want to edit things like Tags, CSS, JS in your page, you can do it online. We archive all your changes and also original HTML source, so you can comeback to your previous versions anytime.
Please watch the following video to find out more about it:

For check your form reports (visitors messages ), you need to login to your control panel, then from 'Report' and click on 'Forms Report' to see all existing forms on your website. Then click on your forms to see the visitors messages.
For creating new blog or news page, follow this instruction:
1- Go to control panel and from menu create a new page 
2- Click on "Edit Content"
3- Click on "New Content"
4- Click on "Link page to external web page" and turn it "On"
5- Enter "/blog/index" for the link

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